Sunday, February 1, 2009



Function: noun

Date: 12th century Definition:

1. broken remains: the physical remains of something such as a building or city that has decayed or been destroyed ( often used in the plural )
2. complete devastation: a state of complete destruction, decay, collapse, or loss ( often plural )
3. complete failure: complete moral, social, or economic failure
4. somebody or something destroyed: somebody or something completely lost or destroyed

Ruin– if you look at the picture posted just prior to this one you will see a photograph of the same house a year ago.

It is hard to tell exactly what happened to bring about its complete ruination. It may have simply been continued neglect, or it may have been high winds and rain that knocked the front off the house. It was probably a combination. High winds and rain will not have this kind of effect on structures that are well tended, but when buildings are ignored wind and rain can cause ruinous damage. The dictionary definition - broken remains- seems an accurate description of this house.

Broken remains – it is also a good description of people who are grieving.

Death leaves behind brokenness, and it is up to those remaining to figure out what to do with the broken remains. I have seen people choose to live among the ruins; sometimes wallowing in them. It is hard to live among ruins, and often the people who choose it don’t recognize that, hard as it may be, it would be better to rebuild.

I have seen other people build something new and extraordinary from what is left behind. Rebuilding takes faith that something new is possible.

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  1. I like how you did these last two posts as a series. That is one of the things I miss from the days I "drove a route" when I used to cover my grandpa's route of jukeboxes, pinballs, and video games. I miss seeing things change from week to week. That is why I enjoy my monthly trips to the three "outlying hospitals" so much.